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10 Reasons Everyone Should Consider Home Surveillance Systems

10 Reasons Everyone Should Consider Home Surveillance Systems

Mar 9th 2018

It isn't just large families that need home surveillance systems. There are many scenarios that demand consideration for extra home security.

Your home is yourcastle, so if it's invaded, you can end up feeling pretty violated.

With nearly 8 million property crimes a year in the UnitedStates, the danger to yourselves and your belongings is significant.

But what steps can youtake to put off potential home invaders?

The installation of homesurveillance systems not only provides you with an obvious and clear deterrentto prevent burglaries but also allows you to keep watch and record any illicitattempts to invade your home.

But if you're not surewhether you need your own home security system, we've got 10 reasons toconsider to help you decide.

1. An Obvious Deterrence for Criminals

Unless they're prettybad at it, criminals don't usually want to get caught in the process ofcommitting a crime.

So why make it easy forthem?

Home surveillancesystems are obvious deterrents for criminals. If they see a camera, they'reunlikely to think the risk of targeting your property is worth the reward,especially if they're going to be caught.

Coupled with household sensors and alarms to alert you to anybreaks in, a surveillance system means criminals aren't going to get very farif your house is their next target.

2. Protection for You and Your Family

Home surveillancesystems make homes 300% less likely to be burgled than homeswithout.

Is the cost of notpurchasing and installing appropriate home security worth more than the valueof your possessions or the safety of you and your family? If you're worriedabout what might happen, installing a security system is the obvious answer toprevent a burglary or attack.

A security system alsoputs your house on a level playing field with any neighbors with their ownsystems and makes it far less likely that your home would be targeted in thefuture.

3. Empty House? Criminals Notice

Criminals tend to knowtheir local area well. It's important for them to know who is worth targeting,and in the modern world, we make it pretty easy for them.

If you're advertising onsocial media about your upcoming vacation plans, you've made the whole worldaware that you won't be home. Criminals will notice, and they won't hesitate toswipe everything of value while you're thousands of miles away.

Home surveillancesystems help to prevent this by reducing the likelihood that your house will betargeted in the first place, as well as keeping your home monitored whileyou're away.

4. You Live in a High Crime Area

Very few areas are trulycrime free, and sadly, we don't always have a choice about where we get tolive.

If that's the case, homesurveillance systems can help improve your own local security and make othertargets more tempting for criminals than your own.

High tech solutions,including systems that use 24/7 remote monitoring to allow for a quickemergency response, can turn your house into a fortress, even if your area isrife with criminal activity.

5. You Can Lower Your Insurance Premiums

If you're worried aboutthe cost, you might be pleased to learn that home surveillance systems help toreduce costs by lowering your home insurance premiums.

Insurance is all aboutmanaging risk, and by reducing the risk that your property might be invaded,you can secure better insurance premiums.

Improved home securityis going to be seen as a bonus for any insurer, but you will need to informthem about your system and inquire about any discounts.

6. Secondary Protection from Environmental Risks like Gas Leaks orFire

Sophisticated homesurveillance systems can monitor almost everything, including temperature,movement, and smoke detection.

If you find yourself ina situation where you have a gas leak or a fire, your home security may act asa second line of defense alongside smoke or gas detectors. If your system workswith offsite remote monitoring, you may even have remote operators able tointervene and send emergency help if you're at risk.

Not only will yoursurveillance system protect you from outside danger, it can also help you toprotect from natural dangers inside the home.

7. You Can Capture Evidence

Deterrence isn't alwaysenough, but the right system can offer appropriate solutions for retribution.

If you've had a burglaryattempt, or even if you've had a disaster at home involving a fire, yoursurveillance system could still be helpful. By recording any evidence, thesystem can help identify and convict potential culprits of crimes.

The evidence could alsobe useful if you're initiating an insurance claim and need to provide proof.

8. Protection and Surveillance That Never Stops

Remote surveillance ofyour home and property doesn't have to stop when you're asleep.

If you have asurveillance system that uses remote monitoring, you can make sure you'reprotected any time of the day or night for your own peace of mind.

You won't have to worryabout what might happen downstairs while you're sleeping, or the state of yourproperty while you're away.

9. Modern Convenience in a Modern World

The modern worldrevolves around technology, so why should your home security be any difference?

If you're not at home,modern systems allow you to view your cameras and sensors over the internet.Integration with home automation systems helps you to check temperatures, logvisitors, and keep an eye on your security camera footage.

Protection for yourhome, wherever you are.

10. No Need to Worry

One of the biggestreasons to invest in home surveillance systems for your home is to help reducethe worry.

Safety is a big issue toconsider, and you no doubt want to ensure you, your family and your valuableproperty are all safe from being taken, damaged or destroyed.

By investing in a homesecurity system, you can deter criminals, log evidence, and keep your homeprotected wherever you are, at any time.

You can relax becauseyour security concerns will be taken care of, leaving you with more time toenjoy your life.

Home Surveillance Systems to Protect Your Property

If you're worried aboutthe safety of you, your family or your property, home surveillance systems canhelp to lower the risk.

With 24/7 coverage,recording and remote access for you to consider, your home truly can be acastle in the modern age. There's no need to live in constant fear, even if youlive in an unlit street or an at-risk area.

Thinking aboutpurchasing a surveillance system for your home, but unsure what to go for? Contactus today and see if we can help you find the right system to suityour home.